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Privacy Policy

At Abu Bakr Supermarket, we’re working hard to serve our customers better each day. Part of this is looking after the personal data you share with us. We want you to be confident that your data is safe and secure with us, and that you understand how we use it to offer you a more seamless shopping experience.

privacy policy

Aggregated data

We try and remove personal data we do not need. If we remove enough personal data it becomes anonymous. This means that you cannot be identified.

Contact data

This is information that details how we can contact you i.e address, email or telephone number.

Financial data

This is information about your bank account and payment card details.

Location data

In some cases our apps might ask for your location information to help better serve you information about your local store, you will be made aware at the time if we would collect this data.

Transaction data

This is information about your purchase of a product or service from us. This includes when, where, what and how you purchased that item or service.

User data

This is information collected about you as a user of our stores, products and services more generally (compared to other types of data that relate to you directly for us to deliver our specific service to you). This may include feedback on your shopping experience, which are captured by CCTV, or other camera technologies such as queue monitoring or number plate recognition.

We will also collect information about you that allows us to create an analysis of you as a consumer to better judge what products and services to offer in our stores.

Interaction data

This is information about how you interact with our products and services, namely what you click on and interact with on our sites and apps or products in stores.

Marketing and communications data

This is your marketing preferences and also your interaction with online marketing to be able to judge its effectiveness.